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If you're interested in designing, making, testing or exploring novel interactive computation systems, drop us a line. We're always on the look-out for new students, visitors and collaborators.

Find out more about our director, graduate students, undergraduate students, visitors, external collaborators and alumni.


Ian Oakley is an associate professor at the School of Design and Human Engineering at UNIST in South Korea. He holds a BSc (Joint Honours First Class) in Computing Science and Psychology and a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Glasgow, UK. He has worked in Ireland (MIT MediaLab Europe), Korea (GIST and ETRI) and Portugal (University of Madeira) and spent time as a visiting professor in Korea (KAIST) and the USA (Carnegie Mellon HCII). His research focuses on the design, development and evaluation of multi-modal interfaces and social technologies. He has published on this topic in both leading conferences (such as ACM CHI, ACM TEI and ACM CSCW) and journals (such as the IJHCS and IEEE Computer). He is deputy editor of Interacting with Computers and is, although he no longer sounds like it, Scots.

Find out more: Homepage / Google Scholar     or     Get in touch: ian.r.oakley[at]

Graduate Students

Youngeun Song is a third year masters/PhD student in the Interactions Lab. She has a Bachelor of Engineering in Affective Human Factors Engineering and Integrated Industrial Design from UNIST(Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology). She is currently working on developing application and tangible appcessories for designing a musical edutainment device for young children. Youngeun joined the lab in spring 2014.

Get in touch: soyo61[at]

DoYoung Lee is a third year Masters/PhD student in the Interactions Lab. He majored in Design & Human Engineering and Computer Science Engineering at the Ulsan National Institute Science and Technology, Korea. He is interested in miniature electronic devices, gesture interfaces, smart toys and wearable devices. He is currently working on the development of a smart toy and in the UNIST prototyping club, DINO. He is going to study wearable device's interface and gesture in masters degree. DoYoung joined the lab in spring 2014.

Find out more:     or     Get in touch: ehdud611[at]

Hyunjae Gil is a second year Masters student in the Interactions Lab. Hyunjae joined the lab as an MSc student in spring 2016 and is working on wearable interfaces.

Get in touch:rlfguswo[at]

Hongmin Kim is a second year Masters-PhD combined student in the Interactions Lab. Hongmin joined the lab in spring 2016 and is working on wearable interfaces.

Get in touch:khm489[at]

Youryang Lee is a first year masters student in the Interactions Lab. Youryang joined the lab as an MSc student in fall 2016 and is working on social media and tangible interfaces.

Get in touch:evilelmo[at]


The Interactions Lab is always pleased to host UNIST undergraduate students as interns. Current interns include:

Rasel Islam


Previous interns at the Interactions Lab include TaeYang Yang (summer 2013), Sunhee Woo (summer 2013), Rao Shahzaib (Winter 2013 - Summer 2014), Jihyun Lee (Summer, Fall 2014), Kihyeon Kim (Winter 2015), Eunchong Lee(2015), Hee Jung Park(2014-2015), Geonho Lee(2015) and HyeongMin Kang(2015-2016).


No visitors at the moment - drop us a line if you want to spend time in the lab. If you're looking for funded programs that can help you visit, check out the SPIKE and IAESTE programs. We regularly host summer interns through these schemes.

Past visitors include:


Suraiya Liza Jahan graduated from her MSc in Human and Systems Engineering whilst working in the Interactions Lab. Her thesis focused on sensing systems for activity detection/intent prediction during driving. Her research interests also include tangible interaction and embodied cognition. Liza also holds a BSc. in Electronics and Electronics Engineering from Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology.

Liza graduated in fall 2016.

Marian Adusei graduated from her MSc in Creativity Design Engineering during her time at the Interactions Lab. Her work dealt with the design of a tangible appcessory to support visually impaired children learn geometry.

Marian graduated in fall 2016.

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