HCI Journal List

HCI Journal List

Unless otherwise noted, the journals on this page are all SCI-E listed (appear in the ISI Web of Knowledge) as of 25/4/2007. Journal name, homepage and impact factor are included.

The SCI-E database can be searched here:
     http://www.thomsonscientific.com/cgi-bin/jrnlst/jloptions.cgi?PC=D (access may be mediated by institutional subscription)

Impact factors can be found here:
      http://admin-apps.isiknowledge.com/JCR/JCR?RQ=LIST_SUMMARY_JOURNAL (access may be mediated by institutional subscription)


Journal List (25/4/2007):


One other important journal, which is currently not on the SCI-E list is:


The major conference in the field is:

Details of some other relevant conferences can be found from the SIGCHI site. This webpage is not intended to be a comprehensive list of HCI conferences; for such a listing, try starting at the Human Computer Interaction Resource Network (http://www.hcirn.com/index.php).