Interactions Lab

Interactions Lab @ UNIST

The Interactions Lab at the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology focuses on the design, development and evaluation of physical, tangible and social interactive computing systems. Bringing together design perspectives, computer science skills and psychological methods, the Interactions lab conceives, creates and studies next generation human-computer interfaces.


Paper accepted to ACM CHI 2020 on the comfort and performance of input using a set of five touch sensitive nails to control a pair of smart glasses.

Paper accepted to IEEE S&P 2020 on the security of using gestures to unlock your phone. Thanks to collaborators at Samsung and SKKU

Paper accepted to ACM IMWUT (the journal publishing Ubicomp articles) on the comfort of smartwatch input.

Paper accepted to ACM UIST 2018 on designing socially acceptable hand-to-face input for HMDs.

Interactions Lab, School of Design and Human Engineering
Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, UNIST-gil 50, Ulsan, 689-798, Republic of Korea